Getting started

Easy registration, reservation and payments are all done on the internet,
and lessons are done on Skype!

Steps from registration to taking a lesson



Lessons shall be done by Skype. Those who do not have Skype, please create an account after downloading and installing the Skype software from the official Skype site.
* If you have Skype already, this step is not required. Please proceed on to Step 2.


Fill in the required form to register.
You need a Skype ID, those who do not have Skype ID are required to prepare a Skype ID before initial registration.


Please log in to the Member's page with the ID (email address) and the password you
entered during the registration process.


Please purchase lesson tickets prior to make reservations.
(PayPal, credit cards and bank wire are accepted)


Open the Instructors’ schedule page or Lesson booking page from Member’s page, and reserve a lesson you wish on your preferred time. To cancel the reserved lesson, please check the cancellation deadline indicated below.
- J-pop, Gal Make and kitsuke (dressing) lessons can be cancelled up to 12 hours before the start.
- All other cooking lessons can be cancelled up to 36 hours before the start.


Please be sure to Log-in to Skype before the lesson starts.
The instructor will make a call on time.


During the lesson, please enjoy, talk and ask questions as much as you like!

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