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Culture lessons are all work-
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Why I started. How I chose.
Why I started. How I Chose.

Student voices


Lou Deikin Retallick(Russia)

You can be anywhere in the world and have a native Japanese speaking teacher -
I definitely recommend to learn online with!!


Shaun Dunn(Oregon, US)

If you have interest in learning Japanese I recommend you sign up with!

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Extra Help for Japanese Study
People who study Japanese by himself/herself and cannot improve any more.


Loving Japanese Anime and Manga
People who want to know more about Anime and Manga expressions for deeper understanding of their stories.


Looking for Better Instructors
People who have not met any good Japanese instructors.


Practicing Japanese
People who lived in Japan before and want to practice their Japanese language again.


JLPT Preparation
People who want to pass higher level JLPT examinations. And feeling a limit to what you can do just by yourself.


Improving Your Business Communication
People who want to improve Japanese communication ability to daily conversation for work.


Coming to Japan
People who want to visit Japan or want to practice Japanese before visiting Japan.


Online Japanese Lesson
People who have no Japanese school nearby to practice speaking Japanese.

You're invited to a free trip to experience Japan for three days and two nights!

We give out one scholarship to a student every month!
Scholarships are only available to students attending more than ten lessons a month. Apply now!

1 person chosen by lottery from students who took more than 10 lessons per month will be invited to Japan on a free scholarship.
No longer limited to online lessons, the student will actually come to Japan, and we will guide you through popular tourist spots such as Asakusa and Akihabara. (The tour will last three days and two nights.)
Only students who have taken more than 10 lessons per month are eligible, so please take lessons actively.

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