10 Reasons To Choose JAPANESE-LIVE.COM


A Japanese lesson you can do at home 24/7

Since it's an online lesson, you can study Japanese anywhere if you have a computer and an internet connection. You can have a lesson at home, at the office, of wherever you prefer.
Lesson reservations are accepted up until 1 hour before the lesson starting time.


Simple, fast, and cheap

Registration takes 30 seconds!
After the simple registration process, you can reserve or cancel a lesson with a single click. Lessons are priced at 1,750 Yen for a lesson. It's the cheapest in the industry!


Easy-to-remember Japanese lessons

Most Japanese language schools today use the 'audio-lingual' method, which focuses on rote memorization. However this method is not very practical.
JAPANESE-LIVE.COM uses photos and illustrations to link words and images within an actual conversation during Japanese language study.
Linking words and real experience is the most similar to the way that children learn their native language.
We aim to create an environment in which you can learn natural-sounding Japanese.


Use tickets for Culture classes as well.

Language lesson tickets are interchangeable with Regular Culture Lesson tickets.

Japanese Culture Lessons


Custom made, one-on-one lessons

In private lessons, students can choose the theme and learning materials themselves. Just request whichever materials you'd like to use and a few themes that you are interested in, and talk freely with the teacher. We will do our best to comply with your requests.


Wide ranging topics

Students are not limited to fixed topics, and we have prepared a wide range of materials which will meet with student's requirements.

  • Topics
  • Daily conversation Basic (日常会話 初級)
  • Daily conversation Intermediate (日常会話 中級)
  • Daily conversation Advanced (日常会話 上級)
  • Traditional performing arts (伝統芸能)
  • Contemporary entertainment (現代芸能)
  • Culture/Art (文化/芸術)
  • Game/Toy (遊び/遊び道具)
  • Sports (スポーツ)
  • Japanese fashion (衣生活)
  • Japanese diet (食生活)
  • Housing situation (住生活)
  • Japanese spirit (日本人の精神)
  • Social life (社会生活)
  • Entertainment (娯楽)
  • Annual event/Public holiday (年中行事/祝祭日)
  • Japanese festival (日本の祭り)
  • Geography/Weather/Climate (地理/気候/風土)
  • Manga/Anime Japanese expressions (漫画/アニメの日本語表現)
  • * Topics that aren't on the list should be requested in advance so that we can meet with you requirements.

Also, so that you can study real, natural Japanese, It's also possible to request a 'Cosplay Lesson', in which both the student and the teacher can dress up and read popular manga/Anime together.

Cosplay lesson (コスプレレッスン)
A read-through Manga lesson (漫画の読み合わせレッスン)

We have more teachers than anyone else in Japan, so you can choose a teacher to suit you

We have more than 50 instructors at JAPANESE-LIVE.COM. This is more teachers than any other online language school in Japan.
All of our teachers have completed either a major or minor in Japanese language study at university.
Additionally, they have all passed the Japanese Language Education Proficiency test (Nihongo Kyoiku Nouryoku Kentei Shiken)
Also they will have completed 420 hours of Japanese language teacher training, professional voice actor, and some will have worked at voice-actor training centers, so you can be sure to find someone who meets your requirements.


Free lesson for new students

If you aren't sure about the service, why not try a free trial lesson?

  • Find out what a lesson's really like.
  • Confirm the content of the lesson and the teacher
  • Perfect for those who are uneasy because they haven't taken a lesson on Skype before
  • Perfect for those who are unsure if a lesson is right for them because they can't speak any Japanese

Experience a lesson first hand.
(*The free trial lesson is limited to certain teachers.)


No Joining Fee

You won't incur any fees for a trial lesson or for registration.
If you're satisfied with the trial lesson, then purchase a lesson ticket, and start learning.


Monthly draw: Two nights stay in Japan for one person

Instead of an online lesson, why not try a real visit to Japan? Visit internationally famous tourist spots such as Asakusa, Sky Tree, and Akihabara with our language teachers.
Transport to Japan, lodging, and three daily meals will be provided.
Have an all-day one-on-one lesson with your Japanese teacher.
The draw will be made every month, selected from students who have taken more 10 or more lessons that month.

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