In order for Japanese lessons to be effective and enjoyable,
we offer lessons and themes tailored to your own style and needs.

Price list

Courses Regular
Hours of lessons 50 minutes
(included tax)
Number of lessons Fees Price per lesson Expiration dates
3 Lessons JPY6,450 JPY2,150 3 months
10 Lessons JPY19,800 JPY1,980 3 months
15 Lessons JPY27,700 JPY1,850 3 months
30 Lessons JPY54,000 JPY1,800 6 months
60 Lessons JPY105,000 JPY1,750 12 months


Sample Images

Special lessonNew style lessons never seen before

  • Japanese lessons for cosplayers by talking about cosplay in their costumes
  • Japanese lessons for manga lovers by reading through mangas while playing the roles of the main characters
  • We offer lessons tailored to your hobbies and to learn Japanese while having fun

You're invited to a free trip to experience Japan for three days and two nights!

We give out one scholarship to a student every month!
Scholarships are only available to students attending more than ten lessons a month. Apply now!

1 person chosen by lottery from students who took more than 10 lessons per month will be invited to Japan on a free scholarship.
No longer limited to online lessons, the student will actually come to Japan, and we will guide you through popular tourist spots such as Asakusa and Akihabara. (The tour will last three days and two nights.)
Only students who have taken more than 10 lessons per month are eligible, so please take lessons actively.

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