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This is a message for JAPANESE-LIVE.COM users.

Hello, my name is Holly Friley. I am from Lexington, Kentucky. I am a junior at the University of Kentucky.
My major is Japanese. I hope to study abroad next year in Osaka!
Someday, if possible I would like to become an interpreter or translator. That's my goal and dream.

When I first started using JAPANESE-LIVE.COM I felt my listening and speaking skills improved very quickly.
This website has been quite convenient and easy to use. I'm so lucky I found it!

The tutors I chose were truly kind and willing to work with my learning styles.
I was particularly impressed with Masumi Sensei, Yuri Sensei, and Mihiro Sensei!!
I felt comfortable and positive when talking to my tutors. I am usually very shy and nervous about speaking Japanese.
However, they were friendly and understanding. So, I became more confident and excited to speak the language!

I am learning Japanese because I think the culture, language, country, and people are all very beautiful.
I also truly enjoy playing songs by "Yuzu", "Kobukuro", "Ayaka", "Orange Range", and "Flumpool" on the piano.
Japanese music, both traditional and modern, are so interesting and fun to listen to.

When I was on summer break it was so easy to lose my memory of everything I had learned in school.
I worried I would never find a tutoring program to help me. Thankfully, I found this website!!
So, using JAPANESE-LIVE.COM has helped me to keep up with my listening and speaking.
I even practiced Kanji with my instructors! Those were my favorite parts of the lessons.
I also really enjoyed learning about each person, their lives, and hobbies.

I personally highly recommend using this site! If you are in need of a Japanese tutor and you don't have anyone like this living near you, this site is a great opportunity!


Holly Friley
Age: 23
Country: United States
City: Lexington, KY

I have been using JAPANESE-LIVE.COM for a month now.
I must say I really like it. I really wanted to learn Japanese as I felt ashamed that I didn't know my own language and culture.
I was looking at everything I came across and I happened to find JAPANESE-LIVE.COM.
I went through the whole entire website and I decided to give it a try. So I signed up and I went through all the teachers to see which one would fit me best and then I chose a date and time I could take the trial lesson.
I really enjoyed my first lesson, I felt comfortable and it was really easy to talk to my teacher as I am shy at times. Plus, bonus points my teacher was funny.
I have to say my favorite part of the lessons are when my teacher tells me things about what we are learning or something I didn't know about japan and we get off topic.
Though my teacher always brings us back to the lesson. I truly recommend anyone that wants to learn Japanese to go to JAPANESE-LIVE.COM because you chose what date and time you want to have your lesson, and it’s convenient for both you and the teacher.
The teachers take it step by step and they don't rush you.
They also go through what you should study and you don't feel worried about asking questions if you don't understand something.
Most of all it's at a reasonable price too, you won't regret.
Thanks for reading, Reina


Age: 16
Country: United States
City: Minnesota

Having used JAPANESE-LIVE.COM for the last month, about 4 to 5 times a week, I can happily say how useful and helpful it has been.
I am learning Japanese in order to visit the country, and especially to speak with close friends living in Hokkaido.
I also, enjoy Japanese, simply as a language, and hope to study in a language school for a month, every year, so that in the future, I will be able to speak, read and write Japanese fluently.
My first impressions of JAPANESE-LIVE.COM were positive.
The web site was very easy to navigate, and clearly laid out, with an especially useful distinction between cultural and language lessons.
There is a large selection of teachers which inspired me to try different teachers and therefore challenge my ability to adapt and understand varying accents and styles of teaching; this has been very successful for me, and I'm now enjoying 2 or 3 principal teachers.
The lesson booking system is straightforward, although I would recommend, perhaps, a search criteria based on hours available, otherwise you have to go through the whole list trying to find your particular time slot, but other than that, easy to use.
It's important for me to have lessons as often as possible, but often at unsociable hours, therefore the variety of hours teachers are available makes this much easier to arrange.
At the moment, I have 2 Japanese teachers in Japan and 1 in Mexico. The quality of the teachers is high, but best of all, being able to try different teachers, and find the ones best suited, is ideal.
The teachers are very friendly, flexible and open to suggestions, working very much to assist in learning, and changing the lesson format if needed. One of the best methods I've found, is having a lot of repetition and the written word given to me during Skype lessons, I've then put this into a flashcard programme and tried to learn these new words and phrases.
It's been essential to go from book learning to conversation, I found that the gap between the two was much larger than I thought, and that listening and copying natural, spoken Japanese has advanced my learning and made it much more dynamic. Lastly, I would like to say a big thank you to JAPANESE-LIVE.COM, and in particular to Ikumi Sensei and Akari Sensei, who are superb teachers; they've given me plenty of ideas to use in my own language classes; and would suggest perhaps that recommended teachers pass on their expertise and ideas to teachers who haven't yet be recommended, that way it could increase the quality of all the teaching.
Thank you for reading, best wishes, Freya


Age: 37
Residence: South France
Hometown: U.K

I am so glad I started using JAPANESE-LIVE.COM...
I've already learned a lot and it's so much fun - I'm always looking forward to my next lesson!
I've been living in Japan for a couple years now and have been frustrated with how slow my progress was... especially because I am studying to take JLPT2 this year.
I searched online and found this site and decided to give it a try. After my trial, I was sold.
I love that there's such a variety of lessons (language and culture) and teachers...
I've tried a few and liked them all! The teachers are super friendly, easy to talk with, and really seem to care about helping you to learn.
I usually get nervous trying to speak Japanese but with the teachers here, I feel relaxed because I know they won't judge my mistakes, they'll only help me to speak better!
In the lessons, the teachers use simple materials that are easy to understand and help you through it at your own pace.
I've already taken grammar and JLPT classes; I plan on trying conversational soon too.
Earlier this week, I took a Gyaru makeup class and had a great time! I definitely want to do it again!
I also am planning on trying a cooking class in the future. So many choices!

As I said earlier, once one lesson finishes, I get excited for my next one.
I think it's great to have such a accessible way to learn Japanese and with such nice teachers... It creates a positive, enthusiastic environment which makes it all the better for study.
I really recommend JAPANESE-LIVE.COM for anyone looking for Japanese language or culture lessons!

Megan Barnett

Megan Barnett
Age: 25
Residence: Japan
Hometown: U.S

I started to take lessons with at the end of 2012 .
My goal is to pass JLPT 1 sometime in the future ( be fluent in Japanese )

I live in Japan but it's country side and there is no Japanese school near by.
I regret now that I didn't start learning online earlier.
It's so easy and convenient. I like it even better then to have a real person next to you.

I found that it is improving my writing skills a lot.
It was really easy to start with the free trial lesson.
The price for private lesson is quit reasonable as well ,
You can decide any topics you like for your lessons - which makes it so much more usefull and interesting!
I really like the flexibility of the schedule which is great for people that have a non fixed working hours.
There is always available private lessons and teachers to choose from.

Reservations are easy to make . You can have as many lessons a day as you wish , don't need to reserve them days in advance with the same teachers ,just have a look at the website timetable and choose any available teacher for your desired hour.

I guess it is also working great for people who do have a fixed schedule , cause you can reserve your lessons for the next 3weeks in advance.
You can be anywhere in the world and have a native Japanese speaking teacher -
I definitely recommend to learn online with!!

Lou Deikin Retallick

Lou Deikin Retallick
Age: 32
Residence: Russia

My name is Shaun and I am a graduate student studying visual effects and animation. On top of school I also work as a freelancer in the design industry.

Now with said, for years I have had a strong interest in learning about the Japanese language and culture however my school does not offer it and it's been difficult to find a quality tutor, however, recently I found an amazing solution to my problems,!

Initially, I was unsure to sign up because I did not want to invest in something I had never heard of however I noticed that offered a free trial, so I signed up and took a chance and boy am I glad I did! Instantly I found a perfect sensei for me who catered to the area of focus that I wanted. As a matter of fact, all of the sensei seem to be Japanese which makes me feel in good hands to be taught by native speakers. Furthermore their understanding of the English language has been impeccable which is exactly what I was looking for!

The sensei go at your own pace and really listen to your questions. They even provide you with many tools and visuals to help you learn to your fullest!
One of the best things I love about is that they are so flexible. I am extremely busy and sometimes it's hard to tell when I might have time to schedule a Japanese lesson but with, it is so simple and flexible that you can just login and then choose a lesson even one hour before hand, wow!

If you have interest in learning Japanese I recommend you sign up with!

Shaun Dunn

Shaun Dunn
Age: 31
Residence: Oregon

My name is Chesca Vicentiu but you can call me Vici. I'm from Romania and I’m just 14 years old, but I’m really interested in learning Japanese since I really like anime and manga. I want to learn Japanese because I'd like to go and live there, in Japan, when I’ll grow up. I took some lessons using with 4 different teachers. I've seen that they are really skilled in teaching and some in English too :D. They have lots of educative materials that can help, including alphabets and grammar :D. Some of them are using websites to teach you, choosing the best website for your level. The lesson was relaxing and I felt really good , all the teachers are very very nice persons and some of them very funny ^^, so I really felt comfortable to learn Japanese with them. Some of them have also manga and can teach you how to do cosplay, so you'll enjoy the lessons even more :D. This is also an occasion to interact online with Japanese :D It's awesome ^^ .
I'm sure that once you take these lessons you'll know much more Japanese and you'll also see how kind are the Japanese :D. I recommend teacher's lessons to everybody ^^

Chesca Vicentiu

Chesca Vicentiu
Age: 14
Residence: Romania

First I have to say the instructor was very patience.
I thought it was very helpful in learning when the instructor would first say the word, then type it, and then explain the meaning of the word or phrase.
Doing the lessons on a one on one face to face basis was also very helpful.
The use of the video chat is a great learning tool. Last all of the positive encouragement from the instructor would have to be the best learning tool that they used. They gave me the confidence to take on such a complex language to learn.
Thank you for the lesson.

Dale R. Ramos

Dale R. Ramos
Age: 35
Residence: California, US

JAPANESE-LIVE.COM is a splendid program and I will definitely continue using it in the future.

My experience with JAPANESE-LIVE.COM was in one word, enthralling. I have yet to experience a better language learning program. The whole experience is very hands-on and you feel good about yourself the whole lesson through, unlike Some programs which make you feel insecure and uncomfortable for silly mistakes like pronunciation or knowing a common phrase.
JAPANESE-LIVE.COM actually adjusts to your depth of knowledge and assists in teaching you every little detail. The operators do not rush you, and make sure you have actually learned the word before moving on to anything else.
At different times in my life, I have attempted to learn some of the Japanese language out of interest. Unfortunately, I dwindled hours of meaningful time away memorizing data. I would have been immensely lucky if I even remembered a few words or phrases by the end of the week!
With JAPANESE-LIVE.COM, the teachers leave lasting impressions on you which greatly improve the amount you remember, even months later. You feel at ease, especially because the teacher will not just "move on". They actually care deeply about you understanding and definitely do not get frustrated or make you feel ashamed, no matter how long it takes you to grasp the lesson.
All in all, JAPANESE-LIVE.COM is a splendid program and I will definitely continue using it in the future. You will not have any complaints and when you are done, you will be beaming with pride at what you have accomplished. In no time, you will be a Japanese expert, and you will not believe how easy it was. There is no secrets or "catches" for JAPANESE-LIVE.COM, and you will be thoroughly satisfied like I am! Every lesson is a huge step towards success, so have a ready mind and enjoy!


Name: Emily
Age: 18
Residence: Las Vegas, US

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