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  • Daily conversation (elementary skill-level)
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  • Daily conversation (advanced skill-level)
  • Can read Japanese written in romaji (Latin alphabet)
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  • Can read some kanji
  • JLPT N5    JLPT N4    JLPT N3    JLPT N2    JLPT N1    
  • I want to master daily Japanese conversation
  • I want to be able to read manga in Japanese
  • I want to be able to understand anime and television in Japanese
  • It is helpful for travelling in Japan
  • It is helpful for studying in Japan
  • I want to improve my career prospects
  • I want to use Japanese at work
  • I am preparing for the JLPT
  • Other reasons
  • Sushi/寿司
  • Japanese Home Cooking/家庭料理
  • Character Bento/キャラ弁
  • Gal Make/ギャルメイク
  • J-pop/Jポップ
  • Kimono/着物
  • Decorative Sushi Rolls/デコ寿司
  • Professional Japanese Cuisine/プロ料理
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